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Music Services

Music Licensing

It's easy to license music from me. 

My rates are simple and you deal with me directly.

I own 100% of my Master Recordings.  No third-party hassles.

All of my 2200+ titles are registered with ASCAP, including ISRC codes.  My writer IPI is 424039387.  My publisher IPI number is 00465119454.

Please contact Mark Rushton if you want to discuss licensing or sampling of my music.

Anything on the labels named markrushton.com and Noth-Sur Recordings is owned and controlled by Mark Rushton.

Mark Rushton publishes recordings under a variety of names, including:  Mark Rushton, Audio Historians, Ambient Matyk, Vibrating Wires, Aleodeology, Meditative Drift, Calmer Feeling, My Love Underwater, Chillout Preservation Collective, Cloud Drift, Rushton, The Desperation of Drowning Men, Hot Mic, Linder Valley, All Nature Sounds, Every Day is a Rainy Day, Weather Escape, All Nature, Envirorain, Climate Hunters, Enviroclips, Raining Today, and Rod Rios.

Spotify playlist examples of my music and sounds:

My Rates:

Sync licensing of the "sound recording" and Master User licensing of the "composition" is typically a $300 flat fee.

Sample Clearance of my individual tracks is typically a $300 flat fee and between 15% to 50% of composer credit for publishing.

Contact me if you want to discuss licensing or sampling of my music.