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Push Back (Ambient Rushton Podcast 106)

Ambient and electronic music improvisations that were cut and stitched together for this podcast.

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Euro Mixin (Ambient Rushton Podcast 104)

This podcast is about my contribution to the 244th Junto:  Combine tracks from three different European netlabels (Portugal, Spain, Switzerland) into one sonic union for the 244th Junto.  I play the edited source audio from the three pieces and then I play a 10 minute version of what I created.

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Disquiet Junto Project 0244 (Euro Mixin)

The Assignment: Combine tracks from three different European netlabels (Portugal, Spain, Switzerland) into one sonic union.

Project Steps:

Step 1: This week’s project is a remix. The following three tracks are available for creative reuse thanks to a Creative Commons license. Please download them and extract the specified source segments:

Use the first 20 seconds of “The Station and the Underclass,” performed by the Phonetic Orchestra, released on the Insub. netlabel based in Geneva:

Use the first 20 seconds of “Cloud Scissors” composed by Lo Wei; performed by Cristián Alvear, Santiago Astaburuaga, Gudinni Cortina, and Rolando Hernández, released on the Impulsive Habitat netlabel based in Portugal:

Use the first 20 seconds of “Zraerza,” performed by Geeksha Beka and Berio Molina, released on the Alg-a netlabel based in Galicia:

Step 2: Create an original piece of music based on the source audio from Step 1.

Five More Important Steps When Your Track Is Done:

Step 1: Per the instructions below, be sure to include the project tag “disquiet0244” (no spaces) in the name of your track. If you’re posting on SoundCloud in particular, this is essential to my locating the tracks and creating a playlist of them.

Step 2: Upload your track. It is helpful but not essential that you use SoundCloud to host your track.

Step 3: This is a fairly new step, if you’ve done a Junto project previously. In the following discussion thread at post your track:

Step 4: Annotate your track with a brief explanation of your approach and process.


After editing, I loaded the tracks into Samplr on my iPad.  The tracks were doubled for effect and then I worked my usual magic and recorded out a live stream.  Editing on the ends, and a dash of extra reverb.


Step 5: Then listen to and comment on tracks uploaded by your fellow Disquiet Junto participants.

More on this 244th weekly Disquiet Junto project — “Combine tracks from three different European netlabels (Portugal, Spain, Switzerland) into one sonic union” — at:

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Mysteries of Life (Ambient Rushton Podcast 103)

Mysteries of Life, performed by Ambient Matyk (Mark Rushton and Jon Harnish), live at Weather Excuse Studio around 2007.

Also available on the Ambient Matyk album Waves And Waiting, available at Bandcamp

Ambient Matyk at Spotify

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Amana (disquiet0135-soundofsummer)

It’s difficult to get excited about our Iowa summer in 2014, or lack of it. Coming off a record cold winter, outdoor public swimming pools opened later than expected due to prolonged frigid weather. During July we had four days where the high never got out of the 60s. One day was the “record-low high” since weather records started being kept in the 1880s. Only one day have we gotten to 90, and that was brief. Most of the time it’s been pleasant and in the 70s, but that’s way below average. Fine with me. Lower cooling bill. And I get to work in the yard more. Don’t those day lilies in the picture look nice?

You can tell I’m from the Midwestern US. We talk about the weather constantly.

My wife and I got a new furnace over winter. A 60,000 btu Amana that’s 96.1% efficient. We didn’t have to replace the central air unit, which is made by Ducane since it’s working fine and is only 12 years old. We used to have a Ducane furnace, but it was full of lousy, obsolete technology, despite also being only 12 years old. And the old Ducane furnace was 100,000 btu in size, which puzzled the HVAC guys who came to diagnose the troubled unit. The main guy asked me, “Why is a 100,000 btu furnace in a 2000 sq ft house?” I didn’t know why, but parts of the house sure did get hot when it was on. “Because the previous owner was an idiot?” We laughed. I got schooled. Turns out a 100,000 btu furnace is the perfect size for a 5000 to 6000 sq ft McMansion. The previous owner was clearly cheap and hired some fly-by-night outfit who probably bought remainders off the back of a truck in some big city. Kids, don’t be stupid. My advice? Hire a local professional with decades of experience like I did.

Following the installation of the Amana, the HVAC guy suggested that I leave the fan on all the time and let the heat or AC kick on as-needed thanks to a new programmable thermostat. I was reluctant about this, mostly because my office/studio is in the finished lower level of the house, but near the furnace and laundry room, and the old Ducane furnace roared. I’m kind of sensitive to sound. Aren’t we all?

Over time, I have become more accepting of the HVAC guy’s suggestion. The new Amana was much quieter when operating with a continuous fan, and we had better air distribution, so I’ve left the fan on most of the time. As it’s gotten warmer over the summer, the cool air from the lower level helps even out the warmer air upstairs and on a lot of days the AC rarely kicks on.

But when the AC kicks on, it’s a slight rush of sound and slightly different from the constant drone of the continuous fan. If you walk around the house, you’ll hear different variations of sounds depending on which air register you walk by.

This piece I made was actually started over a week ago. I’ve been trying to craft some shorter tracks lately. After a slight bit of tweaking of my files on Samplr, I recorded a long passage specifically for this Junto and edited out one minute that I liked. It’s reminiscent of the sounds I hear when I walk around the house with the AC on.

More on this 135th Disquiet Junto project — “Record the sonic equivalent of air conditioning” — at:…135-soundofsummer/

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Amana (disquiet0135-soundofsummer) by Mark Rushton is licensed under a Creative Commons Licence.

Driverless, an ambient electronic single


Driverless is an ambient electronic single by Mark Rushton.

Released on February 3, 2014, the track is 17 minutes and 28 seconds in length.

It was created using an iPad Air and the Samplr app.


Available for full streaming or purchase at Bandcamp.

Available for purchase at iTunes.

Available for streaming at Spotify.

Coming soon to Amazon, Google Play, Beats Audio, Rdio, and Deezer.

Available as a video at YouTube.