Golden Delight (ambient indoor wind chimes)

Golden Delight Bakery is an Amish-run store located at 2228 Johnson-Washington Rd, just north of Kalona, Iowa. They had a couple displays of wind chimes made by Corinthian Bells, so I “played” them for a couple of minutes while my wife purchased kolaches, bread, and cinnamon rolls. The chimes are lower pitched than typical wind chimes and quite expensive. One set was nearly $600. I only captured this via my phone’s audio, but it sounds pretty good with headphones. It also captures the background sound of the bakery and customers.

If you ever go to Golden Delight Bakery, or any of the nearby Amish-run businesses (Maple Ave Greenhouse, Stringtown Grocery, Central Discount salvage grocery store), remember to bring cash or a checkbook. No credit cards or other electronic methods of payments are accepted.……

Giraffes Dub 3

Giraffes Dub 3 – part of a short EP that I’m releasing soon under the “group” name Chillout Preservation Collective.

I Couldn’t Hear It Beep (disquiet0273)

Here is my 109th contribution to the Disquiet Junto:

The Assignment: Make music for a (new! improved!) slow-waking alarm clock.

I still use the same battery-powered Timex Indiglo alarm clock that my then-co-workers back in 1993 gave me when I went from the evening shift to the day shift at the mutual fund company. I haven’t destroyed it yet, even when routine bites hard.

In the past I have wondered about crafting an alarm clock sound. Maybe people do that on their smartphones, but I don’t sleep with my phone.

In typical Rushton fashion, I assembled this out of various bits and remnants: a beat made in Figure, some lower electronic sounds made in Samplr, recordings I made of birds in the morning, the Severe Thunderstorm Warning Sirens…. and a short sample of a processed voicemail that will surely do it’s job when I Couldn’t Hear It Beep.

More on this 273rd weekly Disquiet Junto project — “Alarm Clocked: Make music for a (new! improved!) slow-waking alarm clock” — at: