Giraffes Dub 3

Giraffes Dub 3 – part of a short EP that I’m releasing soon under the “group” name Chillout Preservation Collective.

I Couldn’t Hear It Beep (disquiet0273)

Here is my 109th contribution to the Disquiet Junto:

The Assignment: Make music for a (new! improved!) slow-waking alarm clock.

I still use the same battery-powered Timex Indiglo alarm clock that my then-co-workers back in 1993 gave me when I went from the evening shift to the day shift at the mutual fund company. I haven’t destroyed it yet, even when routine bites hard.

In the past I have wondered about crafting an alarm clock sound. Maybe people do that on their smartphones, but I don’t sleep with my phone.

In typical Rushton fashion, I assembled this out of various bits and remnants: a beat made in Figure, some lower electronic sounds made in Samplr, recordings I made of birds in the morning, the Severe Thunderstorm Warning Sirens…. and a short sample of a processed voicemail that will surely do it’s job when I Couldn’t Hear It Beep.

More on this 273rd weekly Disquiet Junto project — “Alarm Clocked: Make music for a (new! improved!) slow-waking alarm clock” — at: