New Podcast: Ambient Paintings (Ambient Rushton Podcast 128)

Ambient Paintings (Ambient Rushton Podcast 128) – 15 minutes – direct download:


This podcast contains a collage of tracks released over the past year.  I also mention my new Etsy Ambient Paintings store and that I have some paintings at Gallery M in La Crescent, MN.

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Ambient Paintings – works in progress – November 2017

Ambient Painter Mark Rushton talks about 17 different pieces of art photographed for this video. Some are completed, some need a little more work, and some are in very early stages of development.

Sizes range from 8″ x 8″ to 36″ x 36″. All are acrylic on canvas. I’m trying to get into a process of regularly taking pictures of, displaying, and talking about my work.

I’ve done some motion videos showing some of the art before, but not with still images. These pieces are not yet available for sale, but most will be eventually. When a piece becomes available, it will receive it’s own video and will be linked to eBay where it will be up for sale.

If you’re interested in a painting, or want to commission a painting, contact me at