Painting Stories: “September Fields”

Hi, my name is Mark Rushton. I’m a painter from Iowa. You’re looking at painting titled September Fields.

My wife and I like to go on drives in the country. Just before September Fields was painted, we drove by soybean fields that were changing from green to yellow, and other areas full of blooming goldenrod.

I mostly paint abstract landscapes, which I also call Ambient Paintings. They are often interpretations of nature.

I paint in acrylic, usually on a type of synthetic paper. For this painting, September Fields, the synthetic paper was wrapped over a stretched canvas. Once completed, it was installed in a matte black frame.

Now I’ve been painting on this synthetic paper since the early 1990s. I’ve figured out how to show the visual textures of the fibers and the paint in a vibrant way. As you can see here, there is much rhythm in the painting. It has a sense of the wind, flowing and waving both the clouds in the sky and the plants in the field.

September Fields is similar in nature to other paintings in my catalog. If you’re interested in seeing more of my paintings, please visit