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September Fields (24″ x 36″)

My art gallery has been relocated here on the site.  As of October 11, 2018, there are 18 paintings in there – all fairly recent pieces.

I’ll be creating new galleries over time – for new work, old work, and different categories.

Painting Stories: “September Fields”

Hi, my name is Mark Rushton. I’m a painter from Iowa. You’re looking at painting titled September Fields.

My wife and I like to go on drives in the country. Just before September Fields was painted, we drove by soybean fields that were changing from green to yellow, and other areas full of blooming goldenrod.

I mostly paint abstract landscapes, which I also call Ambient Paintings. They are often interpretations of nature.

I paint in acrylic, usually on a type of synthetic paper. For this painting, September Fields, the synthetic paper was wrapped over a stretched canvas. Once completed, it was installed in a matte black frame.

Now I’ve been painting on this synthetic paper since the early 1990s. I’ve figured out how to show the visual textures of the fibers and the paint in a vibrant way. As you can see here, there is much rhythm in the painting. It has a sense of the wind, flowing and waving both the clouds in the sky and the plants in the field.

September Fields is similar in nature to other paintings in my catalog. If you’re interested in seeing more of my paintings, please visit

Refactoring Rainy Dreams

I’m releasing a new single track on October 8th called Refactoring Rainy Dreams.  It’s 5 minutes and 36 seconds long and features heavily processed wine glasses, rain sounds, and other haunting effects.

If you’re a Spotify user, you can pre-save the track prior to the October 8th release date by going here.

It’ll be able for pre-sale purchase on iTunes, Amazon, and Google Play music on Monday, September 24th.

New Podcast: “Falling Midnight Sevenism (Ambient Rushton Podcast 141)”

Hi, this is Mark Rushton of – thanks for listening to my podcast of original or live ambient and electronic music and field recordings. This is Podcast #141 produced on Friday, September 21 of 2018.

This is a little bit different kind of podcast because the music I’m presenting is not mine, but rather it’s a remix I did of another artist’s work.

The Assignment: Rework some very quiet music by making it even more sedate.

Last week, about 60 members of the Disquiet Junto recorded ambient music for the middle of the night, also known as Disquiet Junto 0350. The specific request was to “Make very quiet music for very late at night for very fragile psyches.”

For this week’s assignment, I selected select a track by another artist, from last week, and proceeded to dial it down even further.

I had to consider what edges the music has that might be smoothed out, what drama it has that might be subsumed. I was to consider how I might do such things while retaining something that is inherently listenable.

So I reworked Sevenism’s track “midnight solo (falling leaf) disquiet0350” – (a link to that track is in the description) which was mostly quiet piano playing

The version I posted for the 351st Disquiet Junto was 2 minutes long. This is the 20 minute version.

Sevenism has given me permission to post this version in the podcast.

I’m also including a link in the description to Sevenism’s discography on Bandcamp and Spotify, which is rather considerable. He’s released 32 albums so far in 2018: and


The music will be on soon… just a quick note to follow me on Spotify or your favorite streaming service to stay aware of my new releases.

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I’m also a visual artist. Check out my gallery at

Thanks for listening. I’ll be back soon with another podcast.


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New Podcast “Falling Midnight Sevenism (disquiet0351)”

Disquiet Junto Project 0351: Selected Insomniac Works Volume II

The Assignment: Rework some very quiet music by making it even more sedate.


I reworked Sevenism’s “midnight solo (falling leaf) disquiet0350” – 7777777777 – Midnight-solo-falling-leaf-disquiet0350

The original track was cut up into six sections and loaded into the iOS program Samplr on my iPad where I made some adjustments until I was pleased with the results.

There is a 20 minute version. This is just the first 2 minutes.

The image is “Night Further Out”, an acrylic on synthetic paper painting by me.


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