Artist Statement

Mark Rushton ambient electronic music

I call my paintings “ambient paintings”.  Like ambient music, the subject matter is mostly based on color, tone, texture, and atmosphere, rather than people, places, or things.  Some ambient paintings are created using an “imaginary landscape” motif.

Aspects of paintings by Fairfield Porter, Pierre Bonnard, Berthe Morisot, Mark Rothko, and Philip Hershberger factor into my work, but sound is probably a larger influence.  Musicians like Bud Powell, Harold Budd, Fennesz, and Ryuichi Sakamoto, along with my own recordings, have provided a soundtrack while working on new paintings.

Since college, I have painted to fill up the walls of my house.  I chose a career in technology and raised a family, rather than regularly exhibiting or selling paintings.  Now that I’m older, and after receiving many compliments of the paintings in my house, I’ve decided to pursue the commercial possibilities of finding others who would like to have my paintings in their homes or businesses.

Mark Rushton – February 2018