Ambient Fine Art

I’ve been painting fine art since the late 1980s and went to an art college in Kansas City for a couple of years in the early 90s, but in the meantime computers and technology took over.  I’ve continued to paint, but at a slower pace, and to help decorate the houses we’ve lived in.

Some people call this style “non-objective art”, but I prefer to call it “ambient art” or “ambient fine art”.  It’s made to create a mood or atmosphere, but in a relatively unobtrusive way.  It can be considered abstract, but not particularly flashy.

In recent years I have worked exclusively with squares.  In particular, smaller squares.  I consider it a kind of “modular art” that can be mixed and matched to create new visual groups rather than leaving artworks in the same place all the time.

I don’t take very good photos and I’m not particularly ambitious about trying to sell any of these pieces, however I am interested in sharing them.  When people come to our home they almost always talk about the pieces on our walls.  And in a genuinely positive light.  It’s not like a lot of art I see for sale in stores or galleries, so perhaps it might be something that interests others.

If you like the kind of art I create and might be interested in commissioning something, please feel free to email me at and we can begin to discuss your vision and budget.