New Podcast: “Dohm Rushton (Ambient Rushton Podcast 140)”

Hi, this is Mark Rushton of – thanks for listening to my podcast of original or live ambient and electronic music and field recordings. This is Podcast #140 produced on September 13 of 2018.

For this podcast, I’ve extended a track I made for the 350th Disquiet Junto, also known as Selected Insomniac Works. The track is called Dohm Rushton. D-O-H-M Rushton.


The Assignment: Make very quiet music for very late at night for very fragile psyches.

Step 1: It’s the middle of the night, long past dusk and long before dawn. You can’t sleep.

Step 2: Think about what kind of music you’d want to hear right now — super quiet, super subtle, unlikely to wake you, potentially to ease you back to the comfort of your pillow, or at least to calm your mind.

Step 3: Record the sort of music that Step 2 made you imagine.

If I could program my Marpac Dohm, a white noise generator I use to help me sleep, I’d get it to play some of my own sounds, like what you’re hearing now.

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