It’s Sunday, September 2, 2018

It’s Sunday, September 2, 2018.  I’m Mark Rushton.  Here’s what I’ve been doing in the past six weeks:

1.  My new web site:
I switched gallery hosting providers in the past week, and so I’m rebuilding my gallery in a new location.  The latest provider allows multiple pictures of the same image and full-size images, along with the ability to group paintings in numerous ways.  It’s more suited to what I’m looking to do with presenting my paintings on the web.  I’ve got a small number of new paintings out there as of September 2nd.

2.  Two new podcasts:
On August 21st, I released “Refactoring Dreams (Ambient Rushton Podcast 138)” and on August 31st I released “Nearly There (Ambient Rushton Podcast 139)“.  Both are based on tracks from 2012 that I originally made for the Disquiet Junto.

Whenever I’ve worked on a track for the Junto, I always try to make it so that it can “stand alone” as a piece of music without all the context of the project’s rules.  For the “Refactoring Dreams” podcast, I play the track first, then talk, and then I play the track again.  For the “Nearly There” podcast, I remixed the original track somewhat and extended it out to nearly 10 minutes.

3.  I’ve been recovering from shingles:
I discovered I had shingles around July 16th and quickly got on an anti-viral.  It’s a relatively mild case compared to others as I haven’t really had any nerve pain and the rash has cleared up, but fatigue has been a problem in my recovery.  Once I’m better, I’ll get the new Shingrix vaccine.  If you’re over 50 and had chickenpox as a child, talk to your doctor or pharmacist about it.

4.  What have I been listening to these days?
Find out in my Spotify playlist “2018 Picks by DJ Rushton” – which includes tracks by Noveller, Pariah, Fennesz, The OO-Ray, Synthikat, Scott Tuma, Kurt Vile, Dubstar, Vinyl Williams, OMD, Damien Jurado, Alvvays, Nick Lowe, Jon Hopkins, David Kollar & Arve Henriksen, Chris Carter, Japanese Breakfast, Tycho, Peter Hook & The Light, Beaches, Guided by Voices, Virtual Self, Jon Hassell, Ikjoyce, Pendulum, Wooden Shjips, and C. Diab.

I make other Spotify playlists as well, and I have to keep recommending the Stasis Report playlist on Spotify, regularly updated by Disquiet’s Marc Weidenbaum.