About Mark Rushton’s Music


Hi, I’m Mark Rushton.  I create ambient music and electronic music.

I’ve released over 20 albums of music.  Here’s a link to my discography.

You can find my music through these services:  Pandora, Spotify, Bandcamp, iTunes, Amazon, Google Play, YouTube, Soundcloud, and many other services.

I’ve been podcasting since 2004.  Check out my latest podcasts at:  http://ambient.libsyn.com/

Sign up for my e-mail list if you want to know about new releases.

Every so often I contribute sound-art pieces to the Disquiet Junto.

If you want to use my music in YouTube videos, go right ahead.  I’m in ContentID.

I’m a member of ASCAP and most of my commercially available recordings are in their Titles Database if you need a Label Code.

Want to use my sounds some other way?  Email me via mark@markrushton.com and ask.  Or just to say hello.

The music I’ve created is for my own enjoyment.  My day job is in the computer software industry, and I like to use noise-canceling headphones and this kind of music to concentrate on my work.  If other people like or want to use this music in a particular way, I’m happy to make it available.